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Sun 11 Apr 2021 Unified Number 920000553

 About the Board of Grievances

Last update :07/03/1441 11:34 AM

     The Board of Grievances is an independent administrative judicial body, which is directly associated with the King of Saudi Arabia. It seeks justice, equity and effective judicial control over the administration through the presented lawsuits that are filed before the administrative courts. This ensures proper applying of the laws and regulations. Furthermore, it guarantees protecting rights, applying Shar'iya law provisions, achieving justice and redress for grievances. Therefore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its unification, looked out to allocate an entity to adjudicate on the grievances. Until the time had become when the Board of Grievances was formed and its jurisdictions were established by a Royal Decree No (M/78), dated October 1st, 2007 and the procedures before BOG law was issued by the Royal Decree No (M/3) dated November 25th, 2013.