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Sat 22 Jan 2022 Unified Number 920000553

 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Last update :10/23/2018 11:34 AM

The portal of Board of Grievances places information confidentiality of its users and visitors on top of the priorities and the portal management exerts all its efforts to provide high quality service to all users.


Portal visitors, users as well as other beneficiaries of its services shall continuously read the terms and principles of privacy and information confidentiality to know any updates made on it, though the portal management is not required to declare any updates on those terms and principles and that your use to the portal means your knowledge and agreement to those terms and principles and nay continuous modifications made on it.


Security of Personal Information:

*The privacy document and information confidentiality were prepared to assist visitors and users to understand nature of data that shall be collected from them upon visiting the portal and how to e-deal with these data.

*Portal management shall take the appropriate procedures and precautions to maintain personal information with it in a secure form that guarantees safeguarding the same from loss, unlicensed entry, misuse, modification and unlicensed disclosure. Of the most important precautions applicable at the Board of Grievances for protection of the visitor's personal information are the following:

Firm procedures and precautions to protect security of information, technology it uses to prevent fraudulence and unlicensed entry to our systems.

Regular and periodic update for procedures and controls of protection that meets or exceeds the benchmarks.

Our employees are qualified and trained to protect personal information confidentiality of our visitors.


Collection of Personal Information: 

*Once the visitor visits the portal of Board of Grievances, the server of the Board registers the internet protocol (IP) address of the user, date and time of visit and URL address of any electronic website from which you are referred to the portal of the Board.

 *Many electronic websites fix upon their visit a small file on the hard disk concerning the (browsing) visitor. This file named (Cookies) and files of Cookies are only textual files whereby some websites you visit deposit them on the hard disk of your device. These textual files contain information that enables the website depositing them to retrieve them when needed during next visit of user to the website, some of the saved information:

  • Memorizing name of user and password.
  • Saving page settings if that was available on the portal.
  • Unavailability of voting possibility for more than once to the same user.

*Browser may not be required to enter the password in every visit, as the website system can discover this through Cookies files or may prevent the user from repeating the voting process if he has voted previously. On this basis the portal of the Board of Grievances shall use the information present in the Cookies files for technical purposes of its own when visited more than once. The portal can change the information present within the Cookies files or addition of new information whenever you visit the portal of the Board of Grievances.

*If you used a direct application or sent us an email through the electronic portal of the Board of Grievances providing us with personal data, we may share the important data with other departments or directorates so serving you with more effective manner. We shall not share your personal information with entities other than governmental unless those licensed by the concerned authorities to perform certain government services. Upon providing your personal data and information through the electronic portal of the Board of Grievances, this shall mean you fully agree to save, treat and use such information by the Saudi authorities and we  reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the concerned authorities when that becomes necessary to commit to any law or regulation or government request.

*You are solely responsible about completion, validity and credibility of the data you send through this portal.


Protection of your privacy:

*To become able to assist you in protecting your personal information, we recommend the following:

Immediately inform us when you feel somebody was able to get your password or user code or any other confidential information of you.

Do not give confidential information via telephone or internet network unless you know identity of the person receiving the information.

Use secure browser when you accomplish transactions through the internet together with closing to the applications unused on the network and make sure the protection anti-virus program updated always.

*For maintaining your personal data, securing electronic saving and personal information sent by use of secure technologies      

*This portal may contain electronic links for websites or portals that may use for protection of data and their privacy may differ from methods used by us and we are not responsible from contents, methods and privacies of these other websites and we advise you to go back to notices of privacy concerning those websites.

Sending Electronic Messages to the Board:  

When making an enquiry or requesting information of a certain product or specified service, or in case you gave additional information using any of the communication methods with the Board, whether electronic or non-electronic, like enquiry about our website, in this case we use your email address to answer these inquiries, and its is possible to save your email address and message and reply to it for purposes of quality control as well as we perform the same for legal and controlling goals.