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Sat 22 Jan 2022 Unified Number 920000553

 What the Board has accomplished in the project

Last update :2/8/2021 9:56 AM

The Board of Grievances passed quick steps in implementing King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz- May God bless his soul- for development of judiciary facility through preparation of staff, availability of jobs and installations as well as court buildings and necessary requirements to achieve the objectives and goals through issue of organizational arrangement to judiciary systems, settlement of disputes and related judiciary laws.

The most important to refer to in this regard is the following:

1-Creation of administrative court in every region in addition to Jeddah province as well as administrative courts of appeal in each of Riyadh region, Mecca Al Mukarama, Eastern province and Aseer region. It decided also to create administrative court of appeal in in Al Medina Al Munawarah region and work under process to est​ablish administrative courts of appeal in the rest of Kingdom regions. 

2-A number of lands were allocated for the Board and its courts and a contract was concluded with one of the engineering companies to prepare studies and designs and supervision to execution of the project for construction of 13 administrative courts headquarters besides the administrative court of appeal at Mecca Al Mukaramah.

3-increase in number of judges to become commensurate with the need of the Board courts, in a manner not contradicting with significance and sensitivity of this job. A number of (282) judges was appointed since inception of the project and percentage of increase reaches around 53.3%.

4-Incrase in number of Board employees and (1871) employees were appointed and percentage of increase reaches around 433.5%.

5-The Board gave attention to qualify and train its affiliates through establishing an independent directorate for training and development that submits an annual training plan to the and administrative judiciary council to its approval and is prepared based on continuous assessment processes for the previous plans and listing their positives and negatives to reinforce the positives and evade the negatives. These plans are characterized by comprehensiveness, specialty and continuity. In presence of judges appointment, concentration was made to find specialized and intensive programs for attendant judges and a specialized and intensive diploma was prepared for them aiming to qualify them in principles of laws and judicial rules as well as application of litigation procedures. Other specialized programs were prepared to supporters of judges among researchers and control clerks that directed towards applied training. This shall be achieved through specialized government bodies in this aspect. Contacting with specialized establishments made in the field of training according to laws related in this side. In addition to this, the Board is keen enough to let its affiliates attend conferences, academic seminars related to its work within and outside the Kingdom.

6-The Board tested a judiciary academic series in the name of (judge library) and its distribution among the Board judges (hard copy and soft copy) to increase cognitive formation with them, a state which its effect shall be reflected on the judiciary verdicts they issue, including academic references in administrative, commercial and penal judiciary formed of 32 volumes in addition to judiciary verdicts.

7-Publication of judiciary verdicts as an execution to the Board law – as a number of verdicts and administrative principles for the year 1427H and also group of verdicts and administrative, commercial and penal principles of the year1428H were published. A competition was placed for printing groups of judicial verdicts  for the years 1429H-1430H-1431H-1432H and work still in progress to publish  the same for the subsequent and previous years.

8-Project of electronic archiving is now in process for judiciary documentation of the Board judiciary since its start, and the team has already finished its first stage of verdicts archiving and cases present in headquarters of the Board.

9-Work in the project of strategic development is ongoing through engineering of judicial and administrative procedures and finishing preparation of their forms. This project is deemed as a basic factor in forming environment of electronic litigation and guaranteeing regularity and quality of its procedures, and with this started concurrently work in the project of electronic litigation which the Board started arranging it some time ago, as it is a transitional project requiring graded  and numerous works to reach an integrated technological environment for litigation, whether related to the judiciary, assisting administrative  staff  and   litigants.

10-A directorate for judicial support was formed to be in charge of providing support and assistance for judicial circles as well as contributing in transgressing   difficulties and obstacles that hinder quick action to be taken in cases as well as follow-up of cases that are pending besides determining causes behind delay and suggestion of suitable solutions for their treatment to access fair and administrated  justice.