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Wed 21 Aug 2019 Unified Number 920000553

 Speech by his Excellency the President

Last update :10/22/2018 3:41 PM


From blessings of God, we have laid in the ground Sharia justice and the establishment of the premium between people with justice and charity, and what it was like the administration of justice and judgment in the Grievances of people to achieve the purposes of the Great Law. The collections of the judiciary through the ages witness to the place and role of this honorable and magnificent profession.


The Board of Grievances is an independent judicial authority to adjudicate in the administrative judiciary, and it has passed over several stages since its inception in 1374H when it was a division of the Council of Ministers Bureau and to the present day, which is witnessing continuous shifts inevitably required to do its legitimate duty in judging in  Grievances s restitution of rights to their owners.

The development in which the Board of Grievances is heading with its judiciary facilities and its methodology of work, comes in the framework of the development of the judiciary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the auspices and concern of the blessed leadership of this country, and by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz project to develop judiciary that contributes in development of the techniques and mechanisms of the general judiciary and the Board of Grievances in various fields.

What this new portal to the Board of Grievances, is only the development result that we desire, in achieving the aspirations of all attendees of this portal and the beneficiaries of its services, which we have commitment to provide electronic services through the portal in a new look that provides easy access to the information and services provided.


President of the Board of Grievances