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Sat 22 Jan 2022 Unified Number 920000553

  The Chairman of the Board of Grievances Speech

Last update :06/03/1441 1:41 PM

     One of the blessings given to us from God is that he laid justice on earth and established fairness between people with equity and benevolence. Since establishing justice and grievances redressing fulfills Islamic Law (Sharia) great purposes, tribunals witnessed the position and role of this lofty profession through the ages.

     The Board of Grievances, which is an independent judicial authority that adjudicates the administrative judicial cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been through many stages since its establishment in 1374 H, where it was a division in the Council of Ministers. Thereafter, it became an independent authority in the name of (the Board of Grievances) by the Royal Decree No. (7\13\8759) dated 17/9/1374 H. Afterward, the BOG Law was issued by a Royal Decree No. (M\51) dated 17/7/1402 H. Its first Article is considering the BOG as an independent authority that is directly associated with the King. The BOG law and implementation work mechanism were issued by the Royal Decree No. (M\78) dated 19/9/1428 H, and the Procedures before BOG Law issued by the Royal Decree No. (M\3) dated 22/1/1435 H, which includes converting all the Board’s branches to Administrative Courts, converting the circuits for judgments review to an Administrative Court of appeal in Riyadh, establishing Administrative Courts of Appeal in the rest of the Kingdom regions, establishing the Supreme Administrative Court and establishing the Administrative Judicial Council and defining its jurisdictions, and transferring Commercial and Criminal judiciary and their circuits for judgments review with its Judges from the BOG to the general jurisdiction.

     As a new stage in the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and with the vigorous follow-up of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – God protect them-, transferring the Commercial and Criminal judiciary to the general jurisdiction has been done, where the transferring document was signed by His Excellency the Minister of Justice, the Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council on 14/6/1437 H. All Criminal divisions started its work in the general judiciary in 8/8/1437 H, and all Commercial divisions started its work in the general judiciary on 1/1/1439 H; Thus, creating a complete transition of commercial justice. Therefore, the Board of Grievances became an independent administrative judicial authority, and its concern is the effective judicial control over the administration work in accordance with its law.

     The Board of Grievances has adopted great progress in this glorious era, where a high command No. (29175) dated 24/6/1438 H approved the visions and directions of the Board of Grievances, which resulted in the strategic plan for the Board of Grievances (2020). Also, a Royal Order No. 28214 dated 18/6/1438 H was issued, containing the approval of the Organizational Structure and the Organizational Manual for the Board of Grievances and its courts and the Administrative Judiciary Council. The Supreme Administrative Court and the Administrative Courts of Appeal commenced its jurisdictions stipulated in the BOG Law on 10/2/1439 H. At the same time, the BOG received the ISO 9001 certificate on 21/1/1440 H for its judicial procedures and supportive administrative work procedures.

     This development in which the Board of Grievances is proceeding with its judiciary and its working methodology comes within the framework of the justice development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the full support of the leadership of this blessed country.
I am asking God Almighty to help us all for the good of the country and the people and to help us all to provide what achieves the aspirations of our wise leadership, serving the judiciary and litigants, and God is the guardian of success.

The Chairman of the Board of Grievances