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Sat 22 Jan 2022 Unified Number 920000553

 About the project

Last update :10/23/2018 11:46 AM

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz,, May God bless his soul- launched since he came to rule the kingdom before nine-years his development vision, which was characterized by inclusiveness and outreach and ability to resurrect the spirit of development and construction in various areas of the state. This allowed those decisions be describe him as "pioneer of modern development and man of effective decisions". King Abdullah has read in his developmental way reality consciously aiming to develop the community, development of judiciary, education and support of economy.

Of the effective decisions and developmental projects is the project of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz- May God bless his soul- for development of judiciary facility.

It is a comprehensive development system and mechanism, adopted by many government, judicial and financial sectors including Ministry of Justice, Board of Grievances, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil Service, Experts authority and Higher Committee for Administrative Organization and others etc… and all of them each as concerned, set  the mechanisms and their implementation for favor of this project that aims to develop judiciary through the support allocated for the project and an independent budget amounting to seven billion Saudi riyals. The project shall contribute in development of judiciary mechanisms and technologies in all aspects.​​

The project characterized by concentrating on independence of judiciary and taking care of it generally and entrusting supervision of judges in their professional affairs and works to the supreme judiciary council and administrative judiciary council. It has a characteristic of raising level of judiciary guarantees through finding (appeal grade) in addition to characteristic of specialty – that is- presence of quality specialization of judges in considering cases, a state reinforcing specialty aspect and makes the judge and courts references relax.